Preview of our September/October issue

Racing Time: The Art of Trying by Stephen Kiesling

Forty-nine-year-old editor-in-chief and former Olympic rower Stephen Kiesling's rollicking adventure of a race against sundown — literally and metaphorically — as he attempts a comeback, after 28 years, at the 2008 Olympic trials.

Three Great Paths to Aging & Saging by Jeffery Paine

The last chapter in the lives of these three men provides three very different and equally marvelous paths for growing older. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Spiritual Eldering Institute; Huston Smith America’s most popular teacher of world religion- and Thich Nhat Hanh one of the world’s most beloved Buddhists.

Sustainable You By Horst M. Rechelbacher

Treating ourselves as a business, the founder of the Aveda Corporation shows us how to do a responsible personal inventory, resulting in a balanced, ethical life.

Listening to Your Gut by Gil Hedley, Ph.D.

Many spiritual practices for tending the gut have little basis in anatomical reality . . . because the gut has a mind of its own. Here's an anatomist theologian's tour of what might be the most undermined source of our intelligence — a literal gut brain. (by the author of "How I Fell in Love with Fat" and "Your Whole Heart")

Scouting Report: Spiritual Sloth — A Conversation with Kathleen Norris about her new book on acedia (Riverhead Books, Sept. 2008). The dictionary defines it as apathy, boredom, or torpor. Different from depression, however, its history traces to fourth-century Christian monks who regarded it as one of the worst of the "eight bad thoughts" that plagued those who sequestered themselves to live spiritual lives. It evolved into one of the seven deadly sins, and in the process lost a lot of its nuances. Today, it is prevalent not only personally but culturally. How to recognize it . . . how to confront it.

Transformative Travel: Exposed as a Camel Eater By Judie Fein

Fein breaks bread with the high priest of the ancient Israelite Samaritans, whose deep tribal ancestry goes back to Joseph, the son of forefather Jacob and great-grandson of Abraham, discusses the Torah, and makes the faux-pas of revealing that she has eaten a verboten animal.

Plus our regular departments:

Thomas Moore on the shock of changing life directions.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro answers questions: Why Take the Bible Seriously? . . . How Does a Crucifix Offend? . . . Is Theism or Atheism More Violent?...

Opening features the art of Christopher Briscoe and his first portraits of people who have never had their pictures taken

Body Practices highlights the spiritual practice of slow weight-lifting

And much, much more.