An eight-week virtual dream workshop consisting of a series of e-mails delivered to your inbox and an online forum led by Robert Moss, the pioneer of active dreaming. Each week, you will receive a message from Robert Moss, author of the book "The Three Only Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination" and the article "Waking Up To Your Dreams" in the March/April edition of Spirituality & Health magazine. The e-course will begin on May 1, 2008 and will run for eight weeks.

Robert Moss will accept dream submissions from workshop participants via the online forum, and will lead the group in dream games - teaching dreamers how to process their own dreams as well as those of other people.

Participants willl learn
- How to catch and journal your dreams
- How to play the Lightning Dreamwork Game
- How to reenter a dream for adventure, guidance and healing
- How to navigate by coincidence
- How to rehearse for the future and make better choices through dreaming
- How to self-diagnose and harvest healing imagery from dreams
- How to use dreams to improve relationships
- How to tap the creative power of dreams

Participants will play the Lightning Dreamwork game (as described in Robert's article) in a virtual community monitored by Robert.

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