Psychological Counselling

People who are unable to deal with their emotional issues or people who are psychologically abused need to undergo therapy to be helped. Psychological counseling is made available to people who are mentally stressed out and unable to cope up with their problems or situations of life. A psychological counselor has to be professionally trained with a license. These counselors are basically trained to listen, understand and help individuals with psychological problems.

Psychological counseling can help emotionally disturbed people to overcome their anxieties and problems and face the challenges of life with a renewed spirit and confidence. The confidential discussion with a professional counselor can clarify the complex situations of life. The open discussion with a licensed counselor helps to disperse the unnecessary fears and inhibition.

Psychological counseling is available even on the internet. Skype has enabled the psychologically disturbed people to get confidential help throughout the world. Live discussions on the internet and even over the phone can be beneficial to a psychological patient. California hosts a learning center facility in Enrico for such issues.

Estadt Psychological Services is a very popular psychological counseling clinic. Estadt has facilitated the treatment of the emotionally disturbed. Personal problems can be discussed freely and issues can be overcome. The counselors of Estadt are licensed and professionally trained. They are good listeners and with gentle, understanding skills. They help people to deal with all issues related to straits of life. Psychological problems may vary from emotional, social, domestic, health, intellectual to vocational.

The counselors treat patients following an agenda of a better understanding of oneself and the people around, less distress and better adjustment through more effective coping skills. Last but not the least, is that a realization of self-potential is aroused. This upraise of self-potential leads to a better quality of life through a planned and effective functioning. Counselling offers a safe and free platform to explore oneself through open discussions in a confidential atmosphere. Warmth, trust and respect exhibited by the counselors provide the perfect ambiance for the emotionally disturbed people to open up and discuss their intimate and personal problems. It is very important that the patients do not sense any feeling of the threat of being judged or ridiculed.

Counseling helps people to lead better lives by getting rid of their mental anxieties by renewing their mental strength to face the issues of life without fear. Specialized counseling is available for special problems. Counseling is commenced by a therapeutic process where a bond of trust, respect and warmth is formed between the counselor and the counselee. A good counselor will help the patient to explore herself or himself. Venting of feelings is very important. A second and an objective relook at the disturbing issues results in the exploration of possible options for better solutions.

Psychological counseling is offered in 3 schedules. Single session counseling is for small problems that can be deadly in a short period. Short-term counseling ranges from 2-3 sessions to frequent sessions for about 3 months. The prolonged problematic issues can be cured by long-term counseling. Sessions go on for months and years based on the need and situation.

Counseling can be given to an individual, couple or group. A session can vary from a duration of 30 minutes to an hour. The frequency of sessions depends upon the problem and the degree of the problem. Every person goes through some dire situation in life. At times these issues of life become gigantic to deal with. These are the times when one looks for psychological help. Getting psychological help does not mean that one is crazy or mentally unstable. Professional psychological help is the best way to overcome the difficulties and stress of those who suffer from symptoms of chronic mental disorders. Main topics of concern that need psychological counseling are phobias, anger management, insomnia, relaxation, grief, loss of a loved one, bad habit control etc.

A small psychological problem can disrupt the life of a person in many ways. But proper counseling at the proper time can enable one to handle the crisis in relationships, deal with stress and other pressures, overcome depression and sadness, to be able to take decisions in complex situations, cope up with regular family problems and to be able to resolve fears, panics and anxieties. Discussion of past and present problems can open up new pathways to self-discovery which will in turn lead to solving other issues.

Psychological counseling is an absolute must for children who are brought up in an unstable or unsafe environment, children who live with a single parent because of a divorce or loss of a parent, sexual, verbal or domestic abuse, serious or prolonged illness and bullying. If the emotional issues are not handled properly, a child can face problems in all vistas of life unable to cope up in school or anywhere. All schools and colleges are equipped with psychological counseling clinics to provide help to such children. An emotionally stable child only can grow up to be a responsible and caring adult.

There are some symptoms that signify the need for psychological counseling. These symptoms can be subtle or critical. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Insomnia, sleep-walking, nightmare or scare of dark
  • Excess fatigue or tiredness at all times
  • A racing heartbeat
  • Complaints of aches and pains on a regular basis
  • Avoiding attention and getting startled easily
  • Clenching of jaws and fists exhibiting muscle tension
  • Irritation or edginess

Psychological counseling can be scary, painful and traumatic. Re-living through the traumas of one’s life is not easy. Therefore it is very important that a suitable therapist is chosen. A counselor that creates a comfortable level and trust should be chosen. The importance of required psychological counseling should not be forgotten. Not taking psychological counseling when needed can worsen the situations.