Mindfulness Practices for Spiritual Growth

Use Present Moment Awareness to Connect to the Soul

Discover simple, easy mindfulness practices that can be used throughout the day as a way to connect to the body and soul.

Mindfulness practices for spiritual growth have been taught by Buddhist teachers for centuries. It’s a very simple practice of being mindfully present with every activity. As simple as it seems, it is not always easy. The mind likes to dominate with thoughts of the past, plans for the future, and conceptual interpretations of what is happening here and now. This takes a person away from their spiritual essence, whereas present moment awareness helps to connect to the soul. Here are several suggestions for implementing mindfulness practices into daily life.

Start the Day with Present Moment Awareness

When people first wake up, they often think about all the tasks and chores awaiting them. This only burdens the mind and overwhelms the body. Where is there room for the lightness of the soul to start the day with ease and balance?

There is usually a moment upon waking before the mind takes over when a person can bring their awareness into the present moment. Instead of engaging the mind, bring attention to the body. Feel the comfort of the bed. Notice sensations in the body. Stretch out the limbs. Lie still and sense the subtle flow of energy throughout the body.

Take this present moment awareness into the rest of the morning. Don’t think about anything when in the bathroom – awaken with fresh water splashing against the face. Let tired skin be invigorated by the pulse of the shower. Smell and taste the bite of mint toothpaste.

Bring these mindfulness practices into the rest of your morning routine. The sun rising, the aroma of coffee or tea, and the nourishment of breakfast will take on a whole new meaning; one infused with spirit.

Take Mindfulness Breaks Throughout the Day

It’s easy to get focused on tasks, chores, and projects throughout the day and disconnect from the soul. Meditation can be a powerful way to enhance spiritual growth, but many don’t have time during the day for this mindfulness practice. Fortunately, there are several ways to experience the benefits of quick, easy meditation.

Try these as short mindfulness breaks:

  • When stressed and overwhelmed, focus on deep breathing for one minute.
  • Each time you take a sip of water or other beverage, feel the glass in your hand, taste the liquid, and notice sensations in your mouth.
  • During meals, see, smell and taste what you are eating without thinking.
  • When switching from one activity or task to another, pause to breathe, stretch or center within.
  • While communicating with others be completely present and listen without thinking, notice body language and tone, bring awareness into your physical and emotional sensations.

With present moment awareness, any activity can be turned into a mindfulness practice for spiritual growth. As you use the above suggestions to become present with mental, physical and emotional experiences, connect to the soul and experience your spiritual essence beyond the mind and body.